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Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) is an organization established by an act of Parliament, The Investment and Export Promotion Act, to become an integrated Investment and Trade Promotion Centre with an encompassing mandate of investment promotion and attraction, and export promotion.


MITC identifies, develops and packages investment opportunities in Malawi; provides a professional service to all clientele; brands and markets Malawi as an investment destination; retains and expands trade and export activities and links opportunities to the developmental needs of the Malawi community.


Through its critical role within Malawi’s economy, MITC further encourages domestic investment and expansion, promotes locally manufactured goods to regional and international markets, contributes towards improvement of the investment climate through policy advocacy, increases citizen participation in the economy and creates sustainable job opportunities.

MITC operates a One Stop Service Centre (OSSC) which provides streamlined business services to investors under one roof.

The OSSC consists of five government institutions: MITC, the Department of Registrar General, the Immigration Department, the Malawi Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, which provide the following functions respectively:

  • Facilitate company registration and incorporation
  • Process and issue investment certificate
  • Process and issue business residence permits and employment permits
  • Facilitate acquisition of other sector permits and investor requirements currently not represented in the OSSC Department of Registrar General
  • Facilitate access to tax incentives
  • Facilitate access to land

Through its investment promotion and aftercare arm, MITC does the following:

  • Compiles investment opportunities
  • Promotes investment opportunities to investors and financiers
  • Provides business information to investors
  • Support investor delegations to Malawi
  • Facilitates joint venture partnerships
  • Facilitates access to finance

Step 1: Register and incorporate the company in Malawi

Step 2: Obtain Investment Certificate with MITC

Step 3: Obtain a license/authorisation where it may be required

Step 4: Conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment where it may be required


In some instances, a license is required before obtaining the investment certificate. Please consult MITC for guidance

A local company is registered at a fee of US$94 while a foreign company is registered at US$313. There would be additional charges where a private lawyer is engaged

  • Project Appraisal
  • Site Identification and Evaluation (Under the auspices of the Lands Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre)
  • Business Permits (under the auspices of the Immigration specialist within the One Stop Service Centre)
  • Joint Venture Facilitation
  • General Business Advice
  • Business Retention and After Care services
  • Incentives
  • Inward and outward investment promotion missions
  • Project Profiling


MITC’s Trade Promotion and Facilitation’s function is to identify market outlets for locally manufactured products, with a major strategic focus on discovering and promoting new products that are suitable for export.

Working in conjunction with Malawi manufacturers, producers and exporters, MITC actively engages in export promotion events in foreign markets, designed to advance the following objectives:

  • Expose Malawi’s manufacturers and producers to foreign markets and increase the number of exporting companies that export by heightening their awareness of potential export opportunities; training and guiding to their first export sales.
  • Promote Malawi products in foreign markets and increase export sales.
  • Train and guide existing exporters and potential exporters in consolidating foreign market presence and in product diversification.
  • Penetrate new markets.
  • Expand Malawi’s market share both regionally and internationally

MITC offers a wide range of business information services. The Centre provides inquiry-reply services, dissemination, information research, reference services, internet, printing services and product displays