Thursday, April 18, 2024

On 14th December, 2022, His Excellency, Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza accompanied by First Secretary Trade, Mr Gracious Soko visited Taiyo Yuka Co.,Ltd.

Taiyo Yuka Co., Ltd produces Bio-fertilizer from waste water recycling processes. The company is interested in introducing a product called Tokyo8 to the Malawi government and other interested organizations.

The product has the potential to complement, reduce or to completely replace the chemical Fertilizer currently in use.

Tokyo8 has more advantages over other forms of soil enrichment solutions . It is a strategic fit for a sustainable Agricultural productivity.

The product is chemical free, Works on many types of soils and crops, has multiple benefits to the plant (early maturation, increased harvest, plant protection, root development,etc). Its easy to produce locally, has high moisture retention rate, it is not harmful to human life and non-flammable: which make it easy to meet shipping conditions and regulations.


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