Thursday, May 23, 2024

On 31st May 2023. The Malawi Embassy in Tokyo hosted a trade and
investment event in collaboration with the Asia- Africa -Arab 55 , at the
Prince Tower Hotel, in Tokyo Japan.
This event presents space for the hosting embassy to promote trade
and investment opportunities of it`s Country to the audience whose
compositions ranges from Embassies that are members of the Asia
Africa Arab grouping ,traders and investors and is graced by the
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the event, His Excellency Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza of the
Embassy of the Republic of Malawi made a speech outlining the
political and geographical overview and the Malawi 2063 Agenda.

Mr. Paul Kwengwele, the CEO of the Malawi Trade and Investment
Center [MITC] presented the trade and investment opportunities that
Malawi offers to the global traders and investors.

Japanese Tobacco International [JTI] Malawi`s Managing Director, Mr.
Hamilton Gama presented an empirical experience of his company in
Malawi, to consolidate the appeal to woo prospective traders and


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