Thursday, April 18, 2024

On June 7, 2023, His Excellency Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza held a meeting with Mr. Okuma, the CEO of LP Life Corporation at the Chancery.

LP Life Corporation seeks to actualize a culturally diversified society by bridging the gap between Malawian and Japanese students for online collaborative learning via Metaverse. The meeting’s goal was to seek advice from the Embassy on the proposed Malawi-Japan educational exchange program.

Metaverse is a network of shared virtual world where people can connect, work, study, or shop. Mr Okuma demonstrated Metaverse to His Excellency Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza, and he believes that virtual student exchange programs using Metaverse will allow students to remotely obtain high-quality international and cross-cultural education without having to travel.

His Excellency Ambassador Chisiza, acknowledged that the new technology demonstration, provided a better understanding of the application of virtual learning. He also committed his support for Mr. Okuma’s proposal for an online academic exchange program between Malawian and Japanese students.

Meanwhile, the project’s execution will begin via zoom from a cost-effectiveness standpoint, allowing students access to high-quality international and cross-cultural education.

Ms. Ayako OGURI, his counterpart, is now in Malawi and is in the midst of contacting academic institutions in Lilongwe to propose collaboration/partnerships.


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