Tuesday, June 18, 2024

On 12th May 2023, First Secretary Investment, Mrs Mary Lipunga held a meeting with officials from Asia Africa Arab 55, Mr Ken Yoshinaga, Managing Director & Executive Officer and Yukiko Kamide, Secretariat Officer.

Asia Africa Arab 55 is an organization that enhances business interaction between Japanese companies and their member countries. The member countries are those from Asia, Africa and Arab. The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi will host a monthly meeting scheduled for 31st May, 2023. The meeting will cover a business presentation and may include; investment opportunities, various projects taking place in the host country, foreign companies present and jobs created.

Discussions centred on the program outline and reception of the meeting. The function will take place from 6:00 pm at Prince Park Tower Tokyo.

Also in attendance were Mr Gracious Soko, First Secretary Trade and Ms Mercy Belekanyama, Third Secretary.


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