Thursday, May 23, 2024

His Excellency Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza was a guest speaker at an
agribusiness seminar hosted by the Japan NEEM Association on June 23, 2023,
at Shibuya City Labor and Welfare Hall.

In his speech the ambassador expressed gratitude for honoring Malawi to be the
guest of honor, describing it as a loud evidence of how high Malawi was scaled
by the association. He also shared his admiration on the way NEEM was
handling agribusiness in Japan, saying, it was not only marvelous, but also
insightful to him and Malawi as a whole, whose economy was agro-based.

The Ambassador ceased the opportunity and called upon members of the
association to invest in MEGA Farms-an agricultural model in operation in
Malawi, adding that Malawi had ubiquitous and favorable resources that sustain
different crops, like; huge masses of arable land, climate, and qualified extension
workers just to mention but few.

The association members expressed interest in agricultural investment
opportunities available in Malawi, particularly in organic farming, and a
continued interaction was encouraged by both parties for mutual benefits and


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