Thursday, April 18, 2024

On 23rd June 2023, First Secretary Trade (FST), Mr. Gracious Soko was delegated by Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza to deliver a lecture about Malawi at the Soka University in Japan.

Before the actual class session, FST, accompanied by Third Secretary Ms. Mercy Belekanyama, met with the Vice president, dean of international affairs Professor, and faculty of international liberal Arts. Prof Onani Masaru, franked by the Administrative Director of Global Core Centre, Shimoide Hiroki, and liberal Arts Lecture Prof. Ui Teramoto.

At the center of discussion was the scholarship opportunity the school offers African students and a possible partnership for exchange programs.

It was learnt that the university was more willing to offer scholarships to students from African countries, and Malawi stands a chance to benefit from the window.

 The meeting was concluded with a call to arrange a subsequent meeting between the Ambassador and the President of Soka University, to discuss the matter further and possibly sign an agreement.

Annually, the lecture series is presented under the auspices of SADC. Once a year, each SADC member state is allocated a day to offer lectures about their nation.


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