Tuesday, June 18, 2024

On 21st May 2023, His Excellency, Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza in a company of Her Excellency, Theresa Chisiza, attended a Tokyo World Peace project rice cultivation Festival, at Fujiyoshida Yamanashi.

In Japan, Rice cultivation is a culture driven   tradition and critical to not only food security and cultural development but also an enhancement of global environment conservation. The exercise is run to; strengthen harmony amongst rice growers, facilitate   international exchange, save the world from the prevalent and looming global food crisis, and promote the preservation of global environment and world peace.

Also in attendance were MASAO Watanabe, Chairman of the executive committee of the Fujisani Chidama Festa WA 2023, Ambassadors and diplomats from various embassies with their families participated in the rice planting exercise.


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