Thursday, May 23, 2024

On 13th June 2023, Mr. Okada, CEO of Baobab Oil Company paid a courtesy call to His Excellency Ambassador Kwacha Chisiza, at the Chancery.

Mr. Okada came to introduce a young Malawian lady, Hawa Majora and two fellow Japanese nationals that had been working in Malawi under Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOVC) Program. The purpose of Mrs. Majora’s trip to Japan was to learn how kindergartens establishments are structured and run in Japan and also how women groups in Japan go about developing self-reliance through business activities.

Mrs. Hawa Majora’s husband had worked for Mr. Okada’s Baobab oil Company, up until he died on 18th June 2019. Mr. Okada and one of the two Japanese nationals that accompanied him during his visit at the embassy, Ms. Mitsuko, decided to help Mrs. Mojora with a start-up capital for a kindergarten school   called Sky kids academy, situated in T/A Tsabango, Kang’oma’s  area in  Lilongwe, Malawi. And also to establish a women group called Tilimbike Hand Craft at Namitete, T/A kalolo’s area, in lilongwe, that would do hand and craft activities and sell the products made for their day to day upkeep.

The school is reported to have grown and have 70 learners thus far. The Women’s group has also made tremendous growth in business and members are enjoying the benefits thereof.

The ambassador thanked Mr. Okada and Ms. Mitsuko for their heartfelt support toward uplifting the livelihood of a widow whose late husband had been an employee in his company, noting, it was a rare experience to many widows in a similar situation. “What you have done to Mrs. Hawa Majora has an extended and long-run impact on the lives of all the kids in her school and also all the families of the women in the group Majora is leading”, Chisiza said.

 The ambassador also commended Mr. Okada and the team, for coming to the embassy with Mrs. Majora, immediately after her entry into Japan and for their promise of keeping the embassy updated on her life and activities she would be carrying out during her 30 days stay in Japan. He noted that their conduct on the matter was a well-fit application of an ethical practice of a levelheaded philanthropist.


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